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2600 Baguio City - Philippines
I am Ludwig Bay and the owner of this Company

About Bay-Sports Manufacturing Inc.

Ludwig Bay created Bay-Sports Manufacturing Inc. 1995 at the Export Zone of Baguio Philippines, which is located 1500 m high in the Cordillera Mountains 250 km north of Manila.

On a floor space of 3.550 m2, a work force of 350 persons injected during 2018 more than 60 million plastic parts, decorated and assembled 9 million items.
Most of these finished products are shipped to the world's largest confectionery manufacturer, which is our main customer since 23 years.

High Quality products and delivery on time is the reason of our fast expansion.

Injection Molding:

With 18 microprocessor controlled machines, equipped with automatic material drying, blending, conveying and loading systems. Bay-Sports Mfg. Inc. produced during the year 20184 more than 60 million items. PP, ABS, PC and SAN were the plastic resins mainly used.

These machines have the following  sizes:  

1 machine      88 tons clamping force

2 machine    128 tons clamping force

7 machines  168 tons clamping force

6 machines  218 tons clamping force

2 vertical machines with 70 tons clamping force, which are used mainly for overmolding.  

Plastic parts from less than 1 g up to 350 g unit weight can be injected.


Bay-Sports Mfg. Inc. uses latest cup ink holding tampo machines, doctored surface cleaning ink well tampo machines and silk screen machines. Silk screen machines

are needed to decorate large surfaces.


Pad printing is an indirect photogravure process. An image is etched into a flat printing plate and ink is flooded and doctored across the surface leaving ink only in the etch. A silicon rubber pad then presses down onto the etched plate and picks up the ink. 

The image is now on the surface of the pad, which presses down onto the product to be printed and releases the ink as a clean film. Almost all materials can be printed and due to the flexibility of the pads uneven, curved and awkward shaped surfaces can be printed.


3 final assembly lines are equipped with pneumatic and ultasonic presses, and other tools needed to be able to assemble any kind of products. These lines are able to assemble 20.000 to 42.000 items per day depending on the complexity of these products.

Ultrasonic (High Frequency) Welding
To melt 2 plastic parts together without using chemicals such as solvents or heat bonding, ultrasonic welding is the cleanest, fastest and safest method.
How does it work?
Ultrasonic or high frequency welding is a mature technology that has been developed more than 50 years ago.
High frequency electrical energy is transformed into high frequency mechanical energy.This mechanical energy creates a vertical movement of more than 15.000 cycles per second.
When this vibrating motion is transferred under pressure onto 2 plastic parts, frictional heat is created at the joints between these parts. This frictional heat causes the molecules to move, to get hot and to bind together.

Tool  room:

5 experienced technicians are modifying, maintaining and repairing around 120 injection molds, which are needed to produce items customers are ordering repeatedly.  

2 EDM machines, 2 drilling machines, 1 lathe machine, 2 milling machines, 1 flat surface grinder, 1 round surface grinder, are allowing to do all the work so that no

interruptions of production will happen.


Bay-Sports Mfg. Inc. success is due to the high quality  standard of every single shipped product. We have achieved total customer satisfaction. Only for this reason one of our largest customers is with us since 19 years. How could we do this? By attaching 10 % of our workforce to 3 quality departments. Incoming Quality Control: all components from very carefully selected and permanently controlled suppliers are checked before being accepted for production. Quality Control in each production department: no component can be released from one department to the next one without being checked and approved by the QC department. Quality Assurance: finished products are checked following  standards before beeing allowed to be shipped.  All products are tested following the strictest international standards. Most employees are working with us for more than 13 years. Still all employees undergo trainings to be aware of new technics and procedures.

These efforts and expenses are necessary investments to keep  Bay-Sports Mfg. Inc. most competitive.

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