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Bay-Sports Manufacturing Inc. 2600 Baguio City - Philippines
Bay-Sports Manufacturing Inc. 2600 Baguio City - Philippines


3 final assembly lines are equipped with pneumatic and ultrasonic presses, and other tools needed to be able to assemble any kind of products. These lines are able to assemble
20.000 to 42.000
items per day
depending on the complexity of these products.

Ultrasonic (High Frequency) Welding
To melt 2 plastic parts together without using chemicals such as solvents or heat bonding, ultrasonic welding is the cleanest, fastest and safest method.
Ultrasonic (High Frequency) Welding
Ultrasonic (High Frequency) Welding
How does it work?
Ultrasonic or high frequency welding is a mature technology that has been developed more than 50 years ago.
High frequency electrical energy is transformed into high frequency mechanical energy.This mechanical energy creates a vertical movement of more than 15.000 cycles per second.
When this vibrating motion is transferred under pressure onto 2 plastic parts, frictional heat is created at the joints between these parts. This frictional heat causes the molecules to move, to get hot and to bind together.


A plastic film is unwound from the reel and guided though a pre-heating station on the blister line. The temperature of the pre-heating plates (upper and lower plates) is such that the plastic will soften and become pliable. The warm plastic will then arrive in a forming station where a large pressure will form the blister cavity into a negative mold. The mold is cooled such that the plastic becomes rigid and maintains its shape when removed from the mold.

Definition of
Assembly line:

An arrangement of workers, machines and equipment in which the product is being assembled passing consecutively from operation to operation until completed.
Such a manufacturing tool was first made popular by Henry Ford in his manufacturing of automobiles.
The principle of an assembly line is that each worker is assigned one very specific task, which he or she simply repeats, and then the process moves to the next worker who does his or her task until the task is completed and the product is made. It is a way to mass produce goods quickly and efficiently.
All workers do not have to be human. Robotic workers can make up an assembly line as well.

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