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Bay-Sports Manufacturing Inc.
2600 Baguio City - Philippines
I am Ludwig Bay the owner of this Company
Bay-Sports Manufacturing Inc. 2600 Baguio City - Philippines
Bay-Sports Manufacturing Inc. 2600 Baguio City - Philippines


Ludwig Bay
Ludwig Bay

Ludwig Bay 


Bay-Sports Manufacturing Inc. 1995 at the Export Zone of Baguio Philippines, which is located 1500 m high in the Cordillera Mountains 250 km north of Manila.
On a floor space of 3.550 m2, a work force of 350 persons injected during 2018 more than 60 million plastic parts, decorated and assembled 9 million items.
Most of these finished products are shipped to the world's largest confectionery manufacturer, which is our main customer since 23 years.

High Quality products and delivery on time is the reason of our fast expansion.

Bay-Sports reception
Bay-Sports reception
Bay-Sports management and staff
Bay-Sports management and staff
Reception area with office staff
Reception area with office staff
Production team leaders
Production team leaders
contact me
Contact me
Tel.: +63 74 4473311
Tel.: +63 74 4473421
Fax:  +63 74 4473313
E-Mail: sales@bay-sports.net

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With 17 microprocessor controlled machines, equipped with automatic material drying, blending, conveying and loading systems.  Bay-Sports Mfg. Inc. produced during the year 2010 more than 30 million items. PP, ABS, PC and PS were the plastic resins mainly used.
Injection Molding
Bay-Sports Mfg. Inc. uses latest cup ink holding tampo machines, doctored surface cleaning ink well tampo machines and silk screen machines. Silk screen machines are needed to decorate large surfaces.
3 final assembly lines are equipped with pneumatic and ultrasonic presses, and other tools needed to be able to assemble any kind of products. These lines are able to assemble 20.000 to 40.000 items per day depending on the complexity of these products.
Tool Room with 5 experienced technicians are modifying, maintaining and repairing around 120 injections molds, which are needed to produce items which customers are ordering repeatedly.  2 EDM machines 2 drilling machines 1 lathe machine 2 milling machines 1 flat surface grinder 1 round surface grinder  are allowing to do all the work so that no interruptions in production will happen.
Tool room
Bay-Sports Mfg. Inc. success is due to the high quality standard of every single product shipped.   We have achieved total customer satisfaction. Only for this reason one of our largest customers is with us since 14 years. How could we do this?
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